Accountability and Resource Management System (ARMS)

ARMS is a powerful and easy to use web-based system designed to meet the tracking and reporting requirements of government funded service providers relating to employment, training, labour market development, apprenticeship, and social/community development. The system is widely used and successful in supporting different federal and provincial programs, and can be easily customized to meet specific needs. It is widely used to meet the requirements of Service Canada funded programs such as Aboriginal Skills and Employment Training Strategy (ASETS), and Skills and Partnership Fund (SPF).

Serving our customers for more than a decade

ARMS has been used by service delivery organizations since 2004. During that time it has continued to evolve and develop to better meet client needs. We are fully dedicated to supporting our customer base in using the system and meeting their organizational goals. ARMS staff have many years of experience in:

  • Development, management, and support of software systems;
  • Case management and employment counseling;
  • Evaluating social and human resource development programs; and
  • Accountability and administrative data analysis.

Key Features


Designed to track and manage clients, case files, interventions, results, and funding/costs to meet the requirements of Service Canada and other federal/provincial funders. ARMS automatically performs the necessary uploads to Service Canada (and other funding groups as needed) for accountability purposes.

Client Information

Provides ability to record labour market information such as employment/training history, skills, certification, apprenticeship levels, client contacts, group sessions/participants, and more.

Document Storage

Provides added ability to upload and manage documents (such as certificates, transcripts, resumes, letters, etc) for clients.


Provides the necessary reports for monitoring and accountability purposes, and can be customized to provide additional reports as required.

Data Transfer

Provides the ability to share or transfer clients between service providers within the same organization, improving the quality of data and allowing users to focus on results.

Employer Portal

Optionally provides a separate portal for designated employers to search on skills, certifications, and resumes.

Additional benefits to using ARMS include


Easily accessible via the Internet using any major web browser (including PC and Mac computers).


Securely hosted, with individual login and access levels. All data is securely stored and backed up to prevent any losses.


User-friendly navigation and screens.


Toll-free support provided during business hours across the country by staff knowledgeable in federal/provincial program areas.


Available in both English and French.


Ability to meet the requirements of diverse organizations, and easily customized to meet specific needs. In the past we have integrated hundreds of different forms and reports as required by various organizations.


ARMS pricing consists of an affordable, one-time licensing and set-up fee, plus a monthly support and hosting fee. This pricing model is structured to support ongoing operations, maintenance and support of the system over time.

Typically when setting up ARMS for an organization, we review specific requirements and configure the system to best suit your needs. In some cases, where customization requires a significant departure from the standard ARMS configuration, there may be an additional charge. If changes of this magnitude are required, any cost implications are discussed with the client in advance.

For more information about pricing or to subscribe, click here to contact an ARMS representative.


Startup training for new ARMS clients is included in the initial licensing and set-up fee. Training may be conducted on-site, at our office, or via on-line web session. Additional training is available any time upon request. We are also able to meet special requirements, such as training in areas of human resources development, employment assistance and case management.


Support is available during regular business hours in all North American time zones from Monday-Friday, via our toll-free line or email.

Not only do we provide technical support using the system, but our staff can answer your questions about the case management and accountability process.

Additional ARMS training can also be arranged for users as needed.


Contact a representative for more information on the Accountability and Resource Management System, sales information, or to request a demonstration.


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